Sanctuary is a story location on the Fortnite Chapter 3 map that got added with the new island in the 19.00 update.

Sanctuary is quite easy to find, because it’s the closest location to the giant Foundation statue. Besides that, the location is placed north from The Joneses and south from Daily Bugle. The location itself is quite a big one, and it can be divided into 3 parts – a market, a farm and the main base.

The main base looks like a small version of the Midas’ HQ. The entrance, the main hall and the layout are the same, but smaller. One of the rooms has a strange machine with a mark of The Seven. A 3D printer, perhaps?

The market looks just like a market would – it has a lot of tents with different goods, as well as small buildings. Among the goods are different grains, clothing and clay pots.

The farm is even simpler. Here you can find some aquatic plants in small pools, tomatoes, corn and something that looks like lavender.

The center of Sanctuary has a stone ring. There are 7 stones in total, and each one has a unique symbol.


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