Reality Falls

Reality Falls is a new location on the Chapter 3 Season 3 Fortnite map, located next to Greasy Grove and Rave Cave.

Reality Falls

A long while ago, in Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite, Reality Falls was called Camp Cuddles, but now everything has changed, including the shape of the western part of the island. The spotlight of the location is the giant Reality Tree with a wide twisted trunk and a bright blue and pink leaves. The tree grows on a small lake with waterfalls and lily pads. You can actually grow your own reality sapling from those pads and even get mythic weapons. Of course, there’s a cave behind the waterfall, inside which you can find the Ghost and Shadow agents and a lonely alien.

The reality tree changed the structure of the entire western part of the island: the grass got darker, and leaves became purple, there are new plants and giant mushrooms. East from the tree there is a small house, and west from it, you can find hot geysers, a mushroom field and a mushroom beach. So many mushrooms, but, unfortunately, none of them are edible, so you need to find some other shield income.


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