Deathstroke from DC is coming soon to Fortnite

Are you already bored of Marvel x Fortnite collaboration? Nevermind, because the Deathstroke from DC is coming to Fortnite soon. Someone is jumping in joy, while someone still believes in the existence of pure Fortnite.

We didn’t even enough time to recover from all the Marvel collaboration skins that still appear in the item shop occasionly, but now there will be another superhero skin. Actually, it won’t be a superhero skin, but a supervillain one.

Deathstroke from DC is coming soon to Fortnite

We have already told you about the collaboration between Batman and Fortnite: Zero Point Crisis. The unique feature of the comic series is that you will get a redeemable code for each episode you purchase, and each code will get you some cosmetic items in Fortnite. If you manage to collect them all, you will get an exclusive Batman skin.

Deathstroke from DC is coming soon to Fortnite

But Batman is not the only character in this universe, and Deathstroke will visit the Fortnite island soon. Dataminer “ShiinaBR” is 100% sure of it because this villain is printed on the cover of the fourth issue of the comic.

In addition, many fans are counting on a personal Batman location – Batcave, which is going to appear in the middle of the season.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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