Ninja’s opinion on aim assist in Fortnite

Ninja had ridiculed help in aiming before, but went all-in during a recent stream. Regardless of whether you are watching Ninja, you must respect its status in the Fortnite community. It is part of the reason Fortnite climbed so well. No wonder his skin has recently appeared to the joy of the gaming community.

And the topic of aim assist on the console has long been criticized in Fortnite. Ninja let viewers know their opinions on this topic during a recent stream with SypherPK and Reverse2k. He told his console viewers that the next speech was not about them. “100%, if you play on Xbox or Playstation, take everything. Take everything with aim assistant. As much as you want. You deal with 60 fps, I feel sorry for you, ”Ninja explained before moving on to PC players with this assistant.

Ninja’s thought’s on aim assist. (credit to thatdenverguy) from r/FortniteCompetitive

Ninja talked a lot about aiming assistance and went so far as to say “gamepad players have so many advantages …”, referring to the sensitivity of construction and editing.

There are some experienced gamepad players in the competitive arena, but no one talks about them. The level of skills on the mouse is much higher than on the gamepad. Even the toughest gamepad players won’t do that.

The debate continues, pc players insist that helping the crosshair is too powerful a thing when gamepad players deny it. This feature has been in the game for about 2 years, so it is unlikely that anything will change. It is strange why pedals for construction were not added to the discussion.


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