Error “Your Account Level Does Not Meet The Requirements To Play” – How to solve?

Very often we get this question: “Help! I can’t play arena because every time I try to click play it says your account level does not meet the requirements to play.”
Today we will figure out how to solve this problem.

Error “Your Account Level Does Not Meet The Requirements To Play” How to solve 300x171 - Error “Your Account Level Does Not Meet The Requirements To Play” - How to solve?

For new players or for those who want to make a twink or fake (as it is more convenient for someone to call it), the error “Your account level does not meet the requirements to play” often pops up. And despite the simplicity of solving the problem – many have difficulties. We decided to sort out the issue in detail and  prepared a text version of the problem solution.

Short answer: In order to play the mode – you need account level 15. To pump an account – you need to play matches in any mode. Further more.

So, the whole essence of the problem lies in the fact that you have a small account level, or rather you have the first level, if you have just registered an account. To start playing in the arena you must have a 15th account level or higher. You can view it by clicking on the career button in the top menu, and then clicking on the profile. On the left you can see the current account level.

Important! This level is the total level of pumping in all seasons, so after the end of the season you will not need to reach level 15 again.

How to reach level 15?

Account pumped over for the experience that you get, playing in any mode, except for the creative and sandbox. And also, sometimes there are event missions, in reward for which they give experience – such missions will also help in earning level 15.

Especially for this article, we made a new Fortnite account and pumped it up to level 15. For pumping, we used the mode of Team Rumble. This was done for several reasons:

  • The first is the highest average points per game. You do not need to take care of the position, you will always get 300-400 experience per match.
  • The second reason – you do not spoil your statistics, because “Team Rumble” matches are not considered in the general statistics.
  • It is also worth noting that in this mode you can stand afk with impunity, but we do not recommend doing this, because for murder and victory you are given extra points.

So, we played about 20 games to get level 15. And now we can play in the Arena. If for you it is very long, then you can buy a Battle Pass and perform 6 challengesin any 3-4 weeks. The experience gained is enough to get level 15. However, they are not sure that you will want to spend money on a new account.


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