Esports player Aydan doesn’t like the latest Warzone update. He might come back to Fortnite

A professional Warzone player Aydan, who once was a professional Fortnite player, said that “he’s embarrassed to be a CoD player right now”. He also mentioned that he might come back to competitive Fortnite.

Since Warzone’s release, Aydan became one of the best players in the world and has won more than $330,000 of prize money.

Even though Aydan is a great player, he doesn’t like the Pacific update and doesn’t like the Caldera map even more. As a result, he might even return to playing competitive Fortnite.

Even though this statement was unexpected for a lot of CoD players, it’s not a surprise that Aydan thinks about coming back to Fortnite, having has past achievements. He was a greats esports player, getting to the top-30 players of almost each tournament.

The next Cash Cup is scheduled for January 10, so one of the best Warzone players might also become a great Fortnite player. We don’t need to wait for long to find out.


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