Fortbyte challenges (Glitch): Awarded By Finishing Top 10 is squad, duo or solos

As long as it is possible to use the game glitch, we get our cherished fortbytes and forget the data of the Challenge!

Get the top 10 in solos, duo and squads really! To do this, it is not even necessary to carefully trace the circle, fight for supplies and enter into confrontation with enemies.

Downtown Drop mode

While the Downtown Drop mode is available to us, perform this challenge and get the 66, 87 and 90 fortbytes elementary! Go to the Downtown Drop mode, start the search for the game and wait for the start. As soon as the game starts counting and finishes it (The “GO” line will appear), quit the game!

Thus, until the next update, you can get 50, or even all a hundred top 10 in single, duo or squads


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