Investigate an Anomaly detected in Lazy Lake – Agent Jones “Jump 15” style

“Investigate an Anomaly detected in Lazy Lake” is a challenge for receiving the second “Jump 15” style for Agent Jones. If you’ve reached the 14th level of Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass, you already have the “Jones’ Field Pack” that unlocks additional styles for Agent Jones. The first style is unlocked at level 14, but you need to match those requirements:

  • You bought the Battle Pass
  • You’ve reached level 14 of the Battle Pass

After doing all that, go to the house marked on the map below:

Investigate an Anomaly detected in Lazy Lake - Agent Jones "Jump 15" style

Once you enter it, a butterfly will appear, that will guide you to the spot you need to find. You need to go down all the way and break the wall that the butterfly just flew through.

You will see a table with jewels. First, you need to interact with the circle jewel (it will become red), then with the purple tear-shaped jewel, next is the triangular blue jewel, and the final one is a square green gem. Once you’ve interacted with all of them, you will be able to interact with the table and receive the 2nd style for Agent Jones – that’s all you need to do to complete the “Investigate an Anomaly detected in Lazy Lake” challenge. By the way, it is easier to complete it in Team Rumble, if you have a right Battle Bus route.


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