Downtown Drop

Downtown Drop  Downtown Drop – limited time mode added to Fortnite in v9.10 update. This LTM is the result of Epic Games collaboration with Nike’s Air Jordan brand, designed specifically for basketball player Michael Jordan, NotNellaf and Tollmolia.

To win in the Downtown Drop, you need to collect coins and jump on special jumps, placed throughout the map. This mode is very similar to the well-known game for mobile and tablet Subway Surfers.

This LTM is extremely dynamic, it requires the player’s special attention to what is happening.

Features mode Downtown Drop

The drop will be really extreme, because your goal is to collect as many coins as possible, overtaking your opponent.

  • Downtown Drop  Coins
    Your task is not to take damage and not to kill as many opponents as possible, and this mode in this plan was a ray of peacefulness among the mash that prevails in the Team Rumble. The goal of any game in this mode has become coins, of which there are a lot of cards!
  • Downtown Drop  Bonuses
    As in the classic Subway Surfers, the Downtown Drop map is full of bonuses. They are present on the map in order to increase your running speed, increase the height of the jump, etc.
  • Downtown Drop  Run
    Strangely enough, but in this mode you constantly run, like a real athlete. Running speed increases during the game, as well as your sprint can be raised with bonuses and a pulse grenade. While running, you paint the cells with your own color!
  • Downtown Drop  Time
    You are limited in time! In order to win, you need to collect as many coins as possible in 5 minutes.
  • Downtown Drop  Challenges
    There are special tests for this mode! You can perform them by following the wording of the task or using our guide.

Tips to win

  • Downtown Drop  Be careful
    As in the original game on mobile phones, you are required to maximum concentration and attention on the road. Use pulse grenades and woogie boogie bombs!
  • Downtown Drop  Have fun
    This mode is hardly created in order to confirm your ability to shoot or build, so here we offer to relax. Running and nothing else!


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