Fortite Crew April outfit – Alli

April is not far away, and some days ago some information was found about the new skin in Fortnite Crew subscription. And the new skin is Lynx’s sister – Alli, which was hinter by a Fortnite teaser and by dataminers.

Alli is a copy of Lynx, but with a different face, long hair and little bit in other clothes. And the similarities are a cap and a black tight suit. Well, calling it a “copy” was probably too much. Nonetheless, as Epic Games did call her sister of Lynx, means that the similarity wasn’t an accident. I know at least 5 people, who suffer from the lack of Lynx in their locker. And the Alli skin can cheer them up.

Fortite Crew April outfit - Alli

Also in the Alli bundle there will be a themed pickaxe that is looking as a fish called “Skellyfish”, a backbling called “Squee” that is looking like a mouse, the “Cat’s Paws” wrap and a loading screen.

Fortite Crew April outfit - Alli

Remember, by buying the April Fortnite Crew subscription with Alli, you will get 1000 V-Bucks and a Battle Pass. If you already have a Battle Pass, you will get 950 V-Bucks instead.

Also, if you buy the subscription on April 1, you will get a full bundle of April’s subscription and the May subscription with a skin.

Other answers to the frequently asked questions are presented below:

What is the Fortnite Crew monthly subscription?

The Fortnite Crew monthly subscription is, well, a monthly subscription that will need you to pay $11.99 each month (the money will be transferred automatically), and you will get some in-game bonuses – a Battle Pass, 1000 V-Bucks and a cosmetics pack. The subscription will renew itself each month the day you bought it the first time. If you bought the subscription on December 15, it will renew on January 15 and so on.

Will I keep the items I got from the subscription?

Yes. You will keep all the items you got from Fortnite Crew forever.

Where can I buy the subscription?

The subscription will be available for purchase in the game’s item shop or on the Battle Pass purchase screen.

Which platforms can buy the subscription?

The subscription is available on all the active platforms, but! Be sure to buy the subscription on your main platform. You can’t move it to another platform and the V-Bucks you get will only be available on the platform where you bought the subscription.

Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription any time.

Are the items from the crew pack exclusive?

The outfit and its accessories should be exclusive according to what the developers say. They won’t appear in the game’s item shop.

Will I still be able to purchase the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks as usual?

Yes. The 950 V-Bucks Battle Pass will remain as it is right now and if you don’t want to buy the subscription, you will be able to get it as usual.

What if I buy the Battle Pass before the subscription?

If you do so, you will get additional 950 V-Bucks from the subscription.


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