Fortnite 14.30 unofficial patch notes / Fortnitemares 2020

Besides all the leaked outfits and other cosmetics that you can see here, there also are some changes and new things added to the game. There’s a new small location, a new incoming LTM, some decorative stuff and other things, which you can find out below.

Hey Boo Megastore

The Hey Boo Megastore is a new point of interest located close to Holly Hedges. The store is brand new, so it’s still pretty empty. But I’m sure it will be full with spooky stuff closer to Halloween.

Fortnite 14.30 unofficial patch notes / Fortnitemares 2020

Inside the store there are a couple of fitting rooms, two restrooms, a lot of boxes and tons of nothing, which hopefully will be filled with scary things soon.

Rally Royale LTM

Rally Royale is a new LTM, and it has some leaked assets. There are some icons and a Supply Drop reskin, which you can see below:

Galactus is coming

You already could’ve seen Galactus in the sky, but now his silouette is much more clear, and his sounds are even louder.


Combat shotgun changes

Galactus is closer and closer with each minute, so the developers decided to change the chests’ contents. To fight galactus, you will need a some powerful weapons, so the Combat Shotgun now can deal more damage.

Minor map changes

The golden Midas chair is back to the Authority, the dam now has henchmen and the ghost house gnome is not there anymore.

Fortnitemares 2020

Halloween is coming, and Fortnite is changing to fit the spookiness of October’s ending. Some buildings are now decorated according to the halloween theme.

There also are some files of new consumable items. You can see all of them in the HYPEX’ tweet below.

There’s also some information about a “Wbroom” and a “Broom Box”, so there’s a chance that we’ll get a rideable broom in one of the next updates.

Unfortunately, there’s no information about the Fortnitemares challenges or rewards. Maybe we’ll know something about them in one of the next updates.


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