Fortnite Crater Locations

The beginning of Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3 turned out to be glorious – the players were provided with many new mechanics and new vehicles. But what happened to the island? The confrontation between the IO and the Seven destroyed several areas, turning green grass into smoking earth. These affected locations, which look like buttons in performance mode, are craters. There are only three of them on the Fortnite map – Crispy Crater, Infiltrator Crater, Catastrophe Crater.

An outpost can be found next to each crater. It serves as a reconnaissance point, and there is enough loot in it. Do not pass by if you come to these areas for good equipment.

Fortnite Crispy Crater

Crispy Crater is located on the southwestern part of the Fortnite island. It seems that there are two such locations, but this entire territory is considered one large crater.

It can be seen that a fierce battle was going on there – several cars burned down, forming a pile of scrap metal, and destroyed buildings are also visible. And only chests remained from these houses.

In total, there are 27 chests at the Fortnite Crispy Crater. And that’s a lot!

Fortnite Infiltrator Crater

Infiltrator Crater is located near The Joneses. It is small, but also visually divided into two sectors.

And during the skirmish in this area, buildings and cars were damaged. In general, all three craters look approximately the same – only the environment differs.

16 chests can be found on the Fortnite Infiltrator Crater. And many fly to them, so beware of competition!

Fortnite Catastrophe Crater

Catastrophe Crater is located in the northeast of the Fortnite island, next to the Daily Bugle. This crater looks just like the others.

There are a lot of trees around the crater, and inside there are ruined buildings and several chests.

If you count all the chests in the Fortnite Catastrophe Crater, then there are 22 of them. It is worth flying there, but only for the sake of quest.


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