Fortnite Earthquakes: Destruction of Locations and Imagined Order

Fortnite 19.30 update turned out to be notable not for in-game changes, but for strokes inside files. And there is something to talk about, the main thing, of course, is earthquakes.

All dataminers are talking about the Earthquake in-game event as one. It is already observed on the island, now only in the Covert Cavern.

There are many earthquake epicenters, as you can see below, but they will be activated randomly.

Locations are already known that will be destroyed by this phenomenon. The following will be hit: a lonely house east of the Tilted, a restaurant west of the Tilted and an outpost north of the Tilted.

The holes under the houses are what will remain of these locations.

Most likely, this is not all the upcoming destruction. Therefore, I would not pay attention to the fact that they are all around Tilted Towers. Simple coincidence.

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Also, one of the leakers made a map of cracks (marked in red on the map above) that will appear due to earthquakes. Classic plot: the earth will open up and swallow some areas.

Fortnite Earthquakes: Destruction of Locations and Imagined Order

And if you think that earthquakes will happen on their own, then you are mistaken. The IO Guards (Imagined Order) are involved in them.

One leaker has a suggestion that a huge installation inside Covert Cavern is the cause of future earthquakes. The sounds of the earthquake, according to leaker, have a mark “drill”, and therefore all earthquakes will be closely related to the operation of the drilling rigs.

Fortnite Earthquakes: Destruction of Locations and Imagined Order

Very soon, our map will look like a colander, but at least some plot development!


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