Fortnite “Fracture” event – in-game timer, date and free emote

The official announcement for the Fracture live event has just been posted on the official Fortnite website. This gave us tons of new details and an exact time for the event.

It’s been a few days after we saw the Chapter 3 end teaser. Many players were shocked by this, and, of course, the announcement left a lot of unanswered questions. Fortunately, now we have all the answers we need.

Fortnite "Fracture" event - in-game timer, date and free emote

Fracture event date

The event will happen on December 3, 21:00 UTC (16:00 ET). This means that you should already be in Fortnite at 20:00 UTC (15:00 ET) and wait for the special Fracture event game mode to appear.

Around 40 minutes before the event (at 20:20, to be exact), all the game modes besides the event one will be disabled. You should join the game mode as soon as you can and wait for the event to start.

Important! Remember that if you don’t enter the game or the event game mode some time before the event starts, you can encounter server problems and possibly miss the event.

In-game timer

If you live in a different time zone and don’t know if you got the event’s date and time right, just launch the game and look at the live in-game timer. It won’t let you miss the event.

Fortnite "Fracture" event - in-game timer, date and free emote

Can you watch Fracture event on mobile?

Yes, the event is available on mobile devices too. Besides that, you can also watch it using cloud services – Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

How many friends can I bring to the event?

You can only watch the event in a squad of 4 people or fewer, so you can bring 3 friends with you. You can’t join multiple squads in a single group, so be sure to prepare your team in advance.

And if you don’t have 3 friends, don’t worry: you can also watch the event alone, and your squad will be filled with bots or random people (there were quite a lot of cases with bots during events).

The Toasty Roast free emote

This emote that reminds us of the bonfire break from the start of Chapter 3 is going to be free.

To get the emote, just log into Fortnite from December 2, 14:00 UTC until December 4, 7:45 UTC.

Fortnite "Fracture" event - in-game timer, date and free emote

And here’s the Chapter 3 trailer in case you’re feeling nostalgic:


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