Fortnite Has Been Banned in Iraq

Fortnite Has Been Banned in Iraq  Iraqi users will no longer be able to play fortnite. We already wrote that Prince Harry was against Fortnite, and it also became known that it was forbidden to play PUBG in Nepal. Now the time has come and fortnite.

A couple of days ago, the Iraqi Parliament decided to block Fortnite and PUBG in the country. According to the government, such games negatively affect young people and moral values. In this regard, all providers in the country will have to deny access to these two games. This decision was condemned by the gamers of the country and now the social networks are filled with negativity towards the authorities of Iraq.

It is a curious fact that Apex Legends and Ring of Elysium did not fall under government sanctions, although they are also representatives of the “Battle Royal” genre.

It would seem that the news does not matter to users of the CIS, but the fact that politics is increasingly interfering in the gaming industry makes one worry.


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