Where to find Slurp Barrels on Chapter 3 Fortnite map?

Slurp Barrels were added a long while ago, and it’s always nice to find one and use it with your teammates. However, after Slurpy Swamp was destroyed and the old Fortnite map was replaced with the new one, you won’t find slurp barrels in places where you would before.

Where to find Slurp Barrels on Chapter 3 Fortnite map?

Almost each named location has a bunch of those barrels. There’s a lot of them in Condo Canyon (12), at the gas station near The Joneses (10), at the gas station next to Logjam Lumberyard (11) and 9 of them in each of the following locations: Daily Bugle, Creamy Crossroads, Butter Barn.

And here’s a map with all the slurp barrels in Chapter 3 Season 1 (via fortnite.gg):

The slurp trucks are also worth mentioning, but there are only 2 of them. The first is in the middle of the island, next to the future Tilted Towers, and the second one is in the northern part of the map, next to the lighthouse.

To use both the slurp barrels and the trucks, you need to break them. They will spray everything with slurp juice, which will heal everyone around. A barrel will heal 10 health or shields, and a truck will heal 100 HP. The excessive health you get will turn into shields.


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