Mega Mall

Mega Mall  Mega Mall is a new area on the Battle Royale map, located in the eastern coordinates of H6, east of the Dusty Divot and north-west of the Paradise Palms. Mega Mall replaced the Retail Row. Now there is not a residential area, but a shop area with a small number of houses. Inside, everything looks realistic: shelves with products, ticket offices and a restaurant on the second floor. Kindly bring out the “Welcome” and beckons the fighters to his abode. Obviously, in this store you can find good prey and in large quantities.

Around the store there is also a territory that can be viewed: a futuristic eatery, parking, storage room, houses. In the houses, mining is also hidden on the roofs and basements.

Do not forget that now on the territory there are circles with air circulation – now it is doubly convenient to move around!


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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