Fortnite returns to iOS, but not as expected

The next news will seem very ambiguous, because Epic Games decided to join NVIDIA in the scope of “GeForce Now” – another cloud gaming service to give iOS users hope for access to Fortnite on their devices.

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Fortnite returns to iOS, but not as expected

The closed beta testing of the service will begin next week, after which the app will be available to owners of iOS devices. But where there’s good news, there’s bad news.

Firstly, like any other cloud gaming service, GeForce Now is quite demanding of the system. And even if you have the latest smartphone, lags, freezes, and just delays can still be a problem, which can be critical in many games, including Fortnite.

Secondly, even though Fortnite is a free game, the service itself has a free period of 1 hour, after which you need to purchase a subscription or restart the game. The cost of a 1-month subscription is 10 bucks, and a 6-months subscription is 50 bucks.

I should add, for access to a free server, you need to wait in line. At the moment, it’s quite long, and if Fortnite players start to use GFN, the queue will linger for hours. All things considered, I’d now like to point out the fact that during the absence of Fortnite on iOS, the players could stop playing this game. Or buy another device. But, of course, this is a joke.


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