Fracture final event – official trailer

The trailer for the Chapter 3 final event, Fracture, became available on the official Fortnite channels. In general, the trailer is just a mix of events that happened in Chapter 3, but it also contains some new scenes. But first, watch the trailer yourself, and then we can discuss the details:

Well, let’s hope that you enjoyed it, and get to the most interesting things. It’s worth noting that we can see The Herald in the center of the tornado in one of the scenes, which means that the fight will indeed happen.

Fracture final event - official trailer

As we can see, the characters are gathered at a new location, which will probably appear just for the event. But possibly, it will be nothing but a small reinforcement, like in Chapter 2.

Fracture final event - official trailer

The end of the fight will become known very soon, after the Fracture event ends.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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