How to reboot a friend and get a pickaxe, a music pack, a wrap and an emoji

The “Reboot a friend” event has started, which means that you can get some free cosmetics just by playing with your friends that haven’t played the game for a while. The event started on December 14th, 3:00 ET, and will last until January 4th, 3:00 ET.

How to reboot a friend and get a pickaxe, a music pack, a wrap and an emoji


This event’s purpose is to return the players that don’t play Fortnite anymore. Of course, for returning your friends to the game, you will also receive some rewards. You will get these cosmetics for playing with your friends:

  • 1 match – emoji
  • 5 matches – music pack
  • 10 matches – the “Twin Talons” pickaxe
  • 20 matches – the “Holofoil” wrap

Both of the players will receive the rewards.

The rewards are pretty nice, especially the last two, but to get them you will need to play a lot with a friend that haven’t played for 30 days.

How to reboot a friend

If you’ve found a friend that didn’t play the game for a while (30 days, as mentioned earlier), here’s how to reboot them:

  1. Go to the official Reboot A Friend website –
  2. Login with your Epic Games account and invite a player that haven’t played for a while by using a dedicated window.How to reboot a friend and get a pickaxe, a music pack, a wrap and an emoji
  3. Next, you will need to play from 1 up to 20 matches with your friend to claim the rewards.
  4. Once you’ve got a reward, you will need to wait up to 7 days to receive it.

Important! The friend you invited only should log in the game once he’s already received the invitation.

If the friend you invited first doesn’t want to play the game, you can invite another friend. The first invitation will no longer be active.

All the information:

How to find a friend

What if you don’t have a friend that didn’t play the game for 30 days?

If this situation happened, there’s a couple of other ways that we’ve come up with.

  1. Ask your classmates/groupmates/fellow workers if someone of them has already played Fortnite. There’s a possibility that they’ve already played the game a while ago, and maybe will want to return and get some rewards.
  2. Remember if you have some abandoned accounts (Epic Games don’t like multiple accounts, but many people still have them) and invite one of them. You can play from a mobile with one account and use your main platform for the other account.


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