Kratos might never return to Fortnite item shop

Kratos is one of the most popular outfits in the Gaming Legends series in Fortnite. However, there’s a chance that he might never actually return to the game.

This year, a lot of outfits in the game got cancelled – around 10-15 skins were restricted, and now we got some sad news about the God of War. Kratos hasn’t appeared in the game since March 2021, and many players are looking forward to actually buying it when it becomes available. But there’s a possibility that the outfit will never make it back into the game because it was sold for a limited time.

The first time this skin appeared in the game was back in Chapter 2 Season 5, and it also got an exclusive style for PlayStation 5. The PS store stated that the outfit was sold until January 8. However, it’s worth noting that the skin actually came back in March 2021. However, Fortnite and Kratos lost any connection after that, and the skin has been unavailable for more than 600 days.

Kratos might never return to Fortnite item shop

The fans of the legendary God of War game series expected the skin to return when God of War: Ragnarok comes out, but it didn’t happen, and Kratos is now one of the rarest skins in the game.


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