Where to find Spider-Man’s Web Shooters in Fortnite?

Today, on December 11, another great thing happened for all the Marvel fans playing Fortnite – a new item, Spider-Man’s Web Shooters, got added to the game.

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Where to find Spider-Man's Web Shooters in Fortnite?

This mythical or epic item allows you to shoot web strings out of your hands and swing on it, making you as fast, as the real Spider-Man!

This item is hidden in backpacks, which are attached to different surfaces with cobweb.

Notice: Spider-Man’s Web Shooters can only be found in classic Fortnite game modes. You can’t find them in Creative mode, Battle Lab etc.

Here’s a map showing different spawn points for the backpacks (90% spawn chance):

To get this item, you need to go to a spot where it can spawn, open it and hope that you’ll get the new item. Besides the Spider-Man’s Web Shooters, you can also get something to heal with.

If you get the new item, notice the charge counter it has. It can both have an infinite amount of charges or a limited one.

The keys you need to press to use the items will be shown on your screen. You can both use the Web Shooters to speed you up or to attract loot. You can also put them into a tent and use them in the next match.


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