Lightsabers from Star Wars can return to Fortnite

After the 19.10 update, data miners found something extremely ancient and really terrible in the game files. You can compare its horror only to BRUTE. Because of the easy accessibility of this thing, every enemy became 3 times more dangerous. We won’t scare you, so it’s time to give it up – we are talking about the Lightsabers weapons from Star Wars, which were added to Fortnite a long while ago.

Lightsabers from Star Wars can return to Fortnite

It’s unknown now what they’re for: for another collaboration with Star Wars, so the return of lightsabers in original form or something more interesting, like adding new weapons based on lightsabers.

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Fortnite developers can add another type of melee weapons to the game based on lightsabers’ animations. It would be nice to see a really successful melee weapon. The lightsabers were too strong, and the Sideways Scythe was weak.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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