New Pizza Party item in Fortnite – specifications and how to find

The developers feed Fortnite players everything: vegetables, fruits and promises. And if promises become detailed from time to time, but not realized, then fruits and vegetables, like food in Fortnite, are getting new things all the time, like the new Pizza Party item.

Pizza Party appeared in Fortnite today. This item can heal or give you shields, but first things first.

Where to find

You can find pizza:

  •  in chests
  • on the ground
  • in ammo boxes
  • in lamas
  • buy it from Tomatohead in Tilted Towers for 50 gold bars

As you see, the most reliable way is to buy pizza from Tomatohead. The character is standing here:



Any pizzeria that respects its products hides its pizzas in boxes, and Tomatohead’s pizzeria is no exception. That’s why, walking around the map, you can find a whole box with pizza or separate pieces. There are 8 pieces in every box.

One piece of pizza heals 25 points of health and 25 points shield. In one cell can be only two pieces of pizza.

And also, pizza heals both health and shield. So if you have 75 health and 0 shields, then after eating a piece, you will get 100 health and 25 shields. However, you can’t get more than 50 points of shields, it works like a small shield potion.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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