New The Convergence location with The Cube Queen in head of it appeared in Fortnite

After the cubes got to the island, they got some energy from the golden cube and started moving towards the center of the map. In the end, the cubes assembled into a big cube location in the center of the map (but you might’ve known that even before it happened if you’ve been following the news). However, the location that you can find in the center of the map of Fortnite isn’t Cube Town – instead, it’s called The Convergence, and The Cube Queen is also there.

The location is basically a pile of stacked cubes with the golden one in the center. Around it, there’s a small runic lace, which allows you to bounce. The Cube Queen herself is floating right above the golden cube.

There are some chests in this location, as well as some ammo boxes and regular loot lying on the ground. Besides the loot, you can find a lot of purple bounce pads here, which will through you into the air once you step on them. And that’s pretty much it – there’s not a lot of things to see here, besides a lot of enemies and cubes. Other locations will probably be more interesting than The Convergence for most Fortnite players, at least while The Cube Queen isn’t doing anything.

For now, The Cube Queen isn’t a boss. She’s just floating inside a sphere, and she also laughs from time to time, terrifying nearby players.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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