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Dr.Disrespect continues to criticize Epic Games

Dr.Disrespect continues to criticize Epic Games

Dr.Disrespect once again expressed his dissatisfaction with the game changes that make representatives of Epic Games. According to the streamer, the developers have lost the “thread of the game”, which made the game popular....

Stealth Reflex

New skin for GeForce set in Fortnite

A new skin Stealth Reflex has been added for the GeForce kit. Earlier we wrote about the fact that the initial skin of the bundle hit the Fortnite store, which the customers of the...

Inferno set

Inferno pack soon in Fortnite

Datamineers found information about the appearance of a new Inferno pack. In the game, and previously there was a skin icon, but now there is an image with a pickaxe, v-bucks and a wrap....


Prince Harry wants Fortnite banned

Despite the fact that Fortnite is the most popular game in the world and loved by millions, there are people who do not like the game and want to ban it. One of these...