Players want Gordon Ramsay skin in Fortnite

There are so many skins of famous personalities in Fortnite that we began to forget what the game is all about. In the Battle Pass 80% are collaborations, in the Item Shop they appear every day, not to mention bundles and subscriptions for real money.

Fortnite fans are tired of running in skins of streamers and musicians, this time they want to try on the role of the greatest chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Now is the high summer and when, if not now crumble enemies into fresh sausages for grilling.

If we have already undertaken to add Ramsay to the game, then we should not forget about the legend. Just imagine this wonderful emote with slices of bread called Idiot Sandwich.

Do you want to see the skin of Gordon Ramsay in Fortnite? And what about sliced sausages?


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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