Sideways Scythe – where to find and stats

The recent Fortnite update brought a new location to the game, as well as some other new items and even a new weapon – the Sideways Scythe.

Sideways Scythe - where to find and stats


It’s just as cool as its name sounds. Any melee weapon in Fortnite is a rare event – you can remember how popular the Infinity Sword and Lightsabers were, and now there’s the Sideways Scythe. Each of these weapons is unique and has its own features.

Everyone knows about the first two ones, but the Sideways Scythe is new to Fortnite. You can find it in the Sideways Chests, so try landing there if you want to be the first one to find it. The scythe can be also dropped from the Caretakers, but it will be hard to defeat one.

Sideways Scythe - where to find and stats

The scythe has quite a lot of tricks. You can do a 5 melee attack combo just by pressing the fire button. You can also perform a devastating jump attack, – just press the fire button while airborne. And finally, you can use the aim button to accelerate. You can use it to run into an enemy horde or to escape.

Unlike the other melee weapons, the Scythe barely damages buildings, and also players – its best version has only 46 damage. But the most important thing about it is lifesteal – you will be healed a bit after you kill an enemy.

Sideways Scythe - where to find and stats

The scythe has 6 rarities – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. You can upgrade it in your crafting menu by using the cube shards you can find in The Sideways.


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