Streamsniper reminded Ninja about his failed collaboration

Streamsniper reminded Ninja about his failed collaboration  The next news will bring you back to the time when everyone was talking about Ninja. A while ago, he was really popular among the Fortnite community, participating in lots of e-sports events and telling his opinion about the game.

During a recent stream, Ninja was playing with his friends and ran into a streamsniper, as a lot of popular streamers do. He tried to embarrass the streamer in a unique way. One of the friends noticed that someone tries to build a word, and called Ninja to look at that.

“Oh, they wrote Ninja” – CauRage said when he noticed the building, but DrLupo quickly noticed his mistake – the word was actually “Mixer”. This is a reference to a platform that doesn’t exist now, where Ninja was streaming instead of Twitch when he signed a contract with it in 2019.

Ninja’s friends were bursting with laughter while he was looking for a good answer. And when he found an appropriate emote, he let them know that he doesn’t really care about the platform, because he has already made more than $30 million.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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