Superhero outfits are getting a fix

Many of you might remember the plastic soldier outfits blending with the green vegetation. They got fixed really fast, and now they are not OP anymore, but something similar is happening right now.

The Boundless outfit pack was added during Chapter 2 Season 4, and now its variability is used for getting advantages.

Superhero outfits are getting a fix

The problem is that you can choose the color for this outfit, including a full-black one. A player like this will be really hard to notice in a dark place like on the picture above. Of course, turning off shadows could help, but unfortunately, console players can’t turn shadows off, and even this would not fix the problem completely – the outfits would be still hard to notice at night. All of those problems make this outfit a perfect Pay-to-win item for those who try to get even the smallest advantages.

The problem is being actively discussed right now, with almost all the posts including a picture like the ones above, where you need to find the player in a dark place.

Superhero outfits are getting a fix

But as you can see above, and Epic Games staff member answered “We’re looking at it. Thanks everyone for raising it”, which means that the superhero outfits are getting a fix soon. Hopefully, Epic Games will find a better solution than just restricting one-colored outfits.


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