How To Quickly Level Up in Fortnite Chapter 2 and Get Tier 100 Fast – Fortnite experience guide

The Fortnite experience in Season 1 Chapter 2 battle pass has clear differences from the progress of the “level up” that we observed earlier. Some kind of the Medal Punch Card,  level bar, experience for the first visit to different locations. And despite all these innovations, there are losses – there are no more battle stars, therefore you can no longer guarantee yourself free levels.

How To Quickly Level Up in Fortnite Chapter 2 and Get Tier 100 Fast - Fortnite experience guide

To level up in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 2 you need 80,000 experience per level, to reach level 100 – 8,000,00 exp in total. For each weekly challenge, we get 520,000 xp. And since there will be only 9 weekly challenges, we will receive a total of 4,680,000 xp at the end of the season.

This amount may be added experience for filling the Medal Punch Card and experience for matches played. Judging by the minimum, for the Medal Punch Card we get 96,000 experience every day. When playing every day during the season (50 remaining days), we get 4.8 million experience.

If we add the first (4,680,000) and the second (4,800,000), we get 9,480,000 = 118 level for simple challenges and medals. It turns out that we can even skip some tasks and not play several dozen matches every day!

Do not forget that there are event challenges for which we get additional experience, which means you can quickly level up in fortnite chapter 2 and get tier 100 fast. 

The Medal Punch Card Explained from r/FortNiteBR

Medal Punch Card

The main way to quickly level up in fortnite chapter 2 is through the daily Fortnite medal punch card. From the first days of the launch of the new chapter, players experienced obvious difficulties in understanding all the subtleties of this system. In addition to this, the system often failed. To be honest, sometimes you still don’t understand what needs to be done to finally complete the Fortnite medal punch card.

Let’s start with a simple one. There are several types of medals we know in the key Fortnite modes (solo, duo, squads).

First Match Medal

First Match Medal is Issued at the end of the first match of the day, always wears the quality of the best. Experience for it is obtained in accordance with the medal punch card (8,000 or 16,000 experience).

First Match Medal

Survivor Medal

There are 3 medals of this type that improve as you survive the match:

Survivor Medal – issued with 50 survivors remaining;

Survivor Medal upgraded – obtained with 25 survivors;

Survivor Medal maxed – can be obtained with 10 remaining survivors.

Survivor Medal

Battle medal

There are three types of Battle medals, like others. They are issued for the killing of enemies.

Battle medal – obtained for killing 1 enemy;

Battle medal upgraded – issued for the elimination of 4 enemies;

Battle medal maxed – obtained by killing 8 opponents.

Battle medal

Scavenger medal

There are 3 varieties of these medals, they are obtained by searching the chests, llamas and supply drops.

Scavenger medal – can be obtained from a search of the 3 mentioned items.

Scavenger medal upgraded – issued for 7 searches;

Scavenger medal maxed – obtained for 12 open chests, llamas and supply crates.

Scavenger medal

Teamwork Medal

A Teamwork Medal is awarded to a player for helping a team kill. Usually, in order to receive this medal, it is enough to simply bring damage to the common goal, which someone then finished off.

Teamwork Medal – issued for 1 help in the murder;

Teamwork Medal upgrade – obtained for 4 assassinations;

Teamwork Medal maxed – issued for 8 assists to allies.

Teamwork Medal

Thus, we have 5 different medals for fast getting Season 1 Chapter 2 Battle pass Tier 100.

  • First Match Medal – issued at the end of the first match of the day, always gold;
  • Survivor medal – obtained with 50/25/10 of the remaining survivors in one match;
  • Battle medal –  is awarded for 1/4/8 kills in one match;
  • Scavenger medal – for 3/7/12 open chests, llamas or supply crates in one match;
  • Teamwork Medal – for 1/4/8 Assassination Kills in One Match.

In the team rumble mode, the numbers are different. For example, a medal for inspecting chests is awarded at 4/8/12.

And there are directly several cells for receiving these medals:

How To Quickly Level Up in Fortnite Chapter 2 and Get Tier 100 Fast - Fortnite experience guide

As you can see from the screenshot, you get twice as much experience for getting every fifth medal.

For the improvement of the medal, ~ 1000 additional experience is given.

Fortnite medals can be improved and issued the same type again. Therefore, if you searched, for example, more chests or killed, additional medals will be issued for this, which means you will be provided with more experience.

The Fortnite medal punch card is reset every night, but during the day it can be improved by performing the above actions in more quantities. That is if you searched only 3 chests for the last game and received a common medal, in the next match you need to search 7 chests for upgraded and the like.

On average, an ordinary player (hardly a professional) will have 70,000 ~ 120,000 experience at the end of the match. To get it as much as possible for medals, there are a few tips:

  • Play every day. The first match medal usually gives 8,000+ experience. Few, but it goes to our piggy bank.
  • Open chests, llamas, and supply drops. The more searches mentioned – the more experience per match.
  • Kill the enemies. Of course, this is not relevant for everyone, but in a team rumble 4 kills are carried out without much difficulty.
  • Survive in key modes, because reaching at least 50 is not difficult.
  • Play with the team whenever possible, even with random ones.

Match Experience

If you relate in principle to experience during a match in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 2, then it is issued for the following actions (of course, they are not all here):

  • Searched Ammo Box
  • Enemy elimination
  • Double kill
  • Searched chests / llamas / supply crates
  • Getting a medal
  • Damage to opponents
  • First catch (fishing)
  • Mastered fishing place
  • Weapon upgrade
  • First Improvement Bonus
  • Visit landmark
  • New Storm Circle
  • Weapon Specialist (for damage of 200 or more)
  • Participation in the match
  • Survival
  • Using the collected item
  • Medal improvement
  • 30 seconds kills
  • Search chests for 30 seconds
  • First kill
  • 10+ kills per match
  • Monster K.O.
  • Also, a sufficient amount of experience in season 1 chapter 2 we get for examining the map. This is not only our first season challenge, but also the opportunity to get as much experience as possible ~ 100,000 xp for a full discovery.

    Here are some tips to level up your Season 1 Chapter 2 battle pass:

    • Interact as often as possible with in-game items (fish, open new fishing spots, use mushrooms, workbenches)
    • Try to survive, because for this they give a medal, and general experience, and bonuses for the storm circles
    • Of course, complete weekly challenges and quests of events
    • Do not forget to kill, preferably from one type of weapon, to earn a “specialist”
    • Open chests / ammo boxes / llamas / supply drops

    How To Quickly Level Up in Fortnite Chapter 2 and Get Tier 100 Fast - Fortnite experience guide

    Now, I hope you know how to quickly level up in fortnite chapter 2 and get tier 100 fast. If my Fortnite experience guide helped you share it!


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