The Baller, Driftboard and ATK can return to Fortnite

Only a few of you can remember Chapter 1 Season 4. It was the time when the first of all the vehicles appeared in the game. It was the Shopping Cart, and it brought more dynamics and fun to the game than any other vehicle.

Gradually, the variety of transport began to increase: the Golf Carts, Quad Bikes, Ballers, Planes and the worst one – B.R.U.T.E. In the second chapter, there are none of these vehicles, except for the X-4 Stormwings, which appeared for a couple of weeks. Now we are forced to travel by cars and boats, and all of them require fuel. In this regard, some players are waiting for the return of ATKs and quad bikes, or at least shopping carts!

Data miners @FNBRUnreleased and @InTheShadeYT told that the Driftboard and ATKs have been updated in a recent update.

There is a small chance that one or all of these vehicles will return to the game soon. The main thing is that we hope the Driftboard won’t require gasoline. Also, developers can simply change their mind and not add anything at all. But what is happening now with the vehicles is worth changing.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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