The Diamond Diva starter pack is already available

Fortnite starter packs usually release each season, and Chapter 2 Season 5 isn’t an exception. The dataminers have found the Diamond Diva starter pack a while ago, but now it’s available for purchase.

As I’ve already mentioned above, the starter pack is already available, so grab your ~$3.99 and go to the item shop if you want to buy it.

The Diamond Diva starter pack is already available

The starter pack includes the Diamond Diva outfit, the Shine Pack back bling, the 6-Carat Cutter, and 600 V-Bucks. There’s a lot of starter packs that also include a skin, a back bling, a pickaxe and some V-Bucks, so it’s not a surprise. Here you can see how all the cosmetics look:

We’ve already seen a lot of outfits like this one, with Athleisure Assassin being the most similar one. Unfortunately, you can’t customize this outfit as you can customize Athleisure Assassin, but the outfit is still really good for its price. Of course, you’re the only one who chooses to buy or not to buy the starter pack, but I’ve already bought myself one.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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