New LTM and Skins with Update v9.10

Epic Games is engaged not only in correcting errors and bugs, of which there are many in any game, but also in promoting their game in any possible way. That John Wick, then the reference to the TV series “Stranger Things”, now a new regime, inspired by the collaboration of NotNellaf and Tollmolia. Enjoy the new mode and skins!


Show off your moves in the Downtown Drop LTM by Jordan featuring Creative artists NotNellaf & Tollmolia. Launch off massive jumps, grind down city streets and collect coins to win! #FortniteXJumpman

Score big when you cop the Hang Time Bundle. Get the Grind Outfit, Clutch Outfit, and a challenge pack unique to the set.

FortniteXJumpman 800x447 - New LTM and Skins with Update v9.10

All players will have the chance to jump into The Downtown Drop LTM and complete free challenges to unlock the Back Board Back Bling and it’s additional nine style variants. If you own the Hang Time set, you’ll have access to more challenges to unlock additional rewards including styles for the Grind and Clutch outfits as well as four unique sprays.

Downtown Drop LTM 800x447 - New LTM and Skins with Update v9.10

Now is your chance to challenge your friends for the title of G.O.A.T.

New LTM and Skins with Update v9.10 800x423 - New LTM and Skins with Update v9.10



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