The first 10 Fortnite collaborations: Infinity Gauntlet, NFL, Ralph and others

If you started playing Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 4, you’ve seen the most massive collaboration between Fortnite and Marvel. There were tons of Marvel-themed outfits, as well as thematic locations, lobby and a Battle Pass. And, of course, a full season of Marvel ended with a Marvel-themed event – a battle with Galactus. Compared to all the collaborations Fortnite has had during these years, this was the biggest one.

The first 10 Fortnite collaborations: Infinity Gauntlet, NFL, Ralph and others

And if you started playing Fortnite a season earlier, you might’ve seen a lot of DC skins in Chapter 2 Season 3. I don’t think any of them were as memorable as the Marvel outfits, but DC fans probably think otherwise. And you can count the collaborations with Fortnite pretty much forever – there’s an enormous amount of them. First, they were simple and qualitative, but then they started to become more frequent and lost the soul in them. You might also think so if you’ve been playing the game since the first half of Chapter 1.

Well, since there are tons of different collaborations in Fortnite, let’s look at the first 10 of them below.

What was the first Fortnite collaboration like?

It was between Fortnite and Marvel – the developers added the Infinity Gauntlet game mode.

If you remember 2018, you might both remember a simple life without a pandemic and a new, extremely popular Avengers movie. The first Fortnite collaboration brought a new game mode called Infinity Gauntlet to the game.

This was back in Chapter 1 Season 4. Can you imagine how long ago that was? The game mode featured the Infinity Gauntlet, and the first player to pick it became Thanos. Of course, everyone else hunted him to get the gauntlet back, but Thanos had some unique features to defend himself – he could jump higher, hit harder and even shoot a laser out of his Gauntlet.

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The first ever collaboration outfits

The first ever collaboration skin set was made for NFL.

It seemed like the success of the Fortnite x Marvel collaboration should’ve brought other companies’ attention to the game, but no one seemed to care. Only 2 seasons later, in Chapter 1 Season 6, rumors about a collaboration with NFL started appearing.

This one is a real collaboration – the outfits features the official logos of 32 leagues, even though the skins themselves didn’t look like real players. Nevertheless, this was the second collaboration with Fortnite ever and the first one that brought thematic outfits to the game.

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The first collaboration emote

The first collaboration emote was Hot Marat.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 6 had two collaborations, and the NFL collab was the first one. The second one is insignificant for us now, but it was quite important for Fortnite back then.

The Hot Marat emote was added to Fortnite, and the players could see Ralph himself running across the screen at Risky Reels for a few days.

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Each time he appeared on the screen, he was waving to the players and running away to his universe from the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. Yes, back then, players were interested in Risky Reels because of Ralph, and not the loot. Unfortunately, both Ralph and his emote are gone – the only place where you can find the emote is your locker, if you were playing the game back then.

The first Fortnite concert

Each collaboration brings something bigger to the game. The next one and the first concert in Fortnite was Marshmello’s performance.

The previous collaborations were quite simple, but the Marshmello concert might be the most iconic Fortnite event of all time for those who saw it.

Marshmello’s concert in Chapter 1 Season 7 wasn’t expected by anyone, and it was a crazy experience. The players were shocked by the atmosphere and the feelings during the concert. Yes, it only affected one location, and Marshmello wasn’t as huge as Travis Scott, but it was still one of the best experiences you could have in Fortnite back then.

The first 10 Fortnite collaborations: Infinity Gauntlet, NFL, Ralph and others

First Marvel outfits in Fortnite

The first Marvel outfits in Fortnite were Black Widow and Star Lord.

Besides the pirates’ treasures, Chapter 1 Season 8 is also memorable because of the second collaboration with Marvel. This time, there also was a new game mode, as well as a couple of new outfits.

The game mode called Endgame was dedicated to the most recent Avengers movie. For the players of the superhero team, the goal of the game mode is to search for superhero weapons and defeat Thanos, and the Thanos’ team should have searched for the infinity stones lying somewhere on the map.

Besides the game mode, a couple of new outfits were added to the item shop – Star Lord Outfit and Black Widow Outfit. Marvel’s movies and comics are really popular, so you can imagine how many people have these outfits in their lockers.

John Wick and a new LTM

The seventh Fortnite collaboration was with John Wick.

In Chapter 1 Season 9, the hype around Marvel changed to hype around other movies or projects. The first collaboration in Season 9 was dedicated to the premiere of the movie John Wick 3.

The first 10 Fortnite collaborations: Infinity Gauntlet, NFL, Ralph and others

The results of this collaboration were a new cosmetic item set, and even new challenges with a new game mode. This was the time when you could get the black umbrella called One Shot.

The first 10 Fortnite collaborations: Infinity Gauntlet, NFL, Ralph and others

The first Fortnite collaboration with a clothing brand

This collaboration is dedicated to Jordan sneakers.

This collaboration was quite unexpected after a concert, a couple of movie-related LTMs and two Marvel collabs. However, even though this collab might seem less important than the previous ones, the developers didn’t take it lightly and added a lot of new things, including free rewards.

One of the new things was the Downtown Drop LTM, as well as a cosmetic set. By the way, the challenges for the game mode were quite interesting and unique, unlike the quests from Chapter 2 Season 8.

The first 10 Fortnite collaborations: Infinity Gauntlet, NFL, Ralph and others

Stranger Things series and scary portals

In season 9, people noticed the portals from the series, as well as the characters’ outfits.

John Wick and Jordan outfits quickly left the item shop and made some room for the Stranger Things outfits. At the start of the season, an ice cream shop from the series appeared in Mega Mall, and some while later the portals were also found there.

In the series, the portals spawned monsters, but in Fortnite, they were just decorations. After a while, some characters from the series got their own Fortnite outfits – Demogorgon and Chief Hopper. Unfortunately, other characters didn’t make it and the collaboration ended before the players could get someone else’s outfits.

Another musician and the first collaboration music pack

Major Lazer was the next musician added to Fortnite.

The B.R.U.T.E.s are probably the most memorable thing about Season X. Of course, besides the mechs, there was a lot of other content to see, including a new collaboration with Major Lazer. We didn’t get a concert, but at least the fans got an outfit featuring a built-in emote and exclusive music. Yes, Fortnite and Major Lazer created a special song for this collaboration.

This collaboration might seem boring when compared to the previous ones, but there still are a lot of people who liked it.


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