The golden cube has reached the center of the map

The golden cube has rolled around the whole Fortnite island in just 2 updates, has stood next to each of the purple cubes for around 22 hours, and now is floating in the center of the map. Such productivity! And finally, its long journey has come to an end – the cube has reached the center of the map.

For now, it’s floating there alone, but on October 19, 8:00 UTC, every cube besides the blue one should also reach the center. Most likely, the purple cubes will remain in the center, receiving energy from the golden one. And once the interaction is over, Cube Town will appear in the center.

Here’s what the golden cube’s arrival in the center looked like:

According to data miners, the update with the new location will happen this Tuesday, on October 19. Fortnite community has been watching the golden cube for a long while now, and we’ll finally see the result of its movement pretty soon.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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