The leaked PS5 & PS+ outfit

When the new PS5 console came out it was obvious that it will have some exclusive games and other things, such as a Fortnite outfit for example. And dataminers have already found 2 outfits that fit the purpose perfectly.

PS Plus gave players a lot of stuff, such as outfits, back blings, pickaxes and other stuff. There have been more of that other stuff lately, but it’s still cool to get something if you don’t pay for PS Plus just to get something in Fortnite.

The leaked PS5 & PS+ outfit

After the 14.50 update came out, dataminers found 2 outfits that look similar to the PlayStation theme – Indigo Kuno and Cloud Striker. One of them is just a recolor of the Kuno outfit, but it still would be cool to get it for free. The Cloud Striker outfit, however, has a PS logo on its back bling as well as a ghost symbol.


There’s a theory that the Indigo Kuno outfit will be free for PS Plus users, and Cloud Striker will be free for PS5 players. But it is not approved yet because it’s just a leak. There’s information from HYPEX about a PS5 exclusive outfit actually coming out, but it’s still just a leak.


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