The pickaxe “Cuddle Paw”shows “I love you”

In February, the Fortnite launched all major offenses on the subject of love. The event “Share the Love”, skins Lovelace and Valentine, emotions with hearts – do you think everything? No, as it turned out, even signs that show some objects mean “I love you.”

In particular, the “Cuddle Paw” pickaxe shows a gesture that in the sign language means “I love you”. Although many might have thought that the foot parodies the spider-man or reports that he loves rock, but no. For the deaf and hearing impaired, this is the most sentimental sign.

The shape of the hand with pressed middle and ring fingers is short for I Love You.

The pickaxe "Cuddle Paw"shows "I love you"

A shortened version is often used between friends or as a quick greeting, while a longer version is used between partners or in more personal situations.

This seems to be a minor detail, but it’s nice to know that Epic Games do not forget about people with hearing problems. We are sure that it is from such trifles that an atmosphere is created, for which both adults and children love Fortnite.


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