Umbrella from Kingsman and guided missile can return to Fortnite

After the 19.30 update, Hypex posted a tweet, where he described the upcoming changes in the game. It refers to the items in Fortnite. The tweet mentions the Kingsman umbrella from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, an ability to slowdown by using tactical boost, and also some information about the guided missile.

Kingsman umbrella

There was only one umbrella as an item in season 12 in Fortnite, this is about the Fortnite x Kingsmn collaboration. Very few people remember this collaboration because the item was not for a long time in the game. Anyway, many players remembered that the Kingsman umbrella existed, and now they hope that this item will return to Fortnite someday.

Tactical boost

Tactical boost under development at the moment and now there’s no it in the game. According to the dataminer’s word, this boost will include the slowdown ability. Maybe, it says that except the boost you also can slow down, but we don’t have more information now.

Umbrella from Kingsman and guided missile can return to Fortnite

Guided missile

And the last news is about a guided missile (it’s not a rocket, which was in chapter 1, most likely it’s some modification, because the titles of these items are different). There is no specificity, because these are just tags, which read about the lock of the rocket and the rocket launcher. But the fact that developers are working on resemblance of guided missile gives hope. It was fun with it.

Anyway, all three points are interesting, it’s a pity only one of them is new.


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