Vending Machine Locations

Vending machines are a game item when interacting with which a player gets a weapon, a trap or a first aid kit. The player who interacts with the machine sees the item that he will receive and this is the main difference from the chest. You can use the vending machine only once, after which it disappears.

Patch 8.10 significantly changed the vending machine and now the player does not need to extract resources, then exchange them for a weapon or other in-game item, now you can just go to the machine, click the interaction button and get a weapon. This change greatly influenced the game and many players began to land and move around the map, given the location of the vending machines. And your comments on the site made it clear that we need to add a similar card. Now you can see the location of all slot machines.

vending machines - Vending Machine Locations



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