Visit an oversized Phone, a big Piano, and a giant Dancing Fish Trophy

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It would seem that we all already know both the phone and the piano. However, not everything is so one-sided, because there were no fish before v9.00 update, and there were as many as two phones. Obviously, with the onset of the new season, the location of many items changed, but these remained unchanged (with the exception of fish – it did not exist at all).

There are two phones left in the game and you can visit any (at the Lazy Lagoon and the Fatal Fields). It is not necessary to dial the number!

The fish is located at the Mega Mall, and the piano is at the easternmost point, next to a huge dilapidated house.

Visit an oversized Phone a big Piano and a giant Dancing Fish Trophy 1 800x797 - Visit an oversized Phone, a big Piano, and a giant Dancing Fish Trophy



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