Where to find Grappler bow in Fortnite?

There are many different bows in Fortnite. There are usual ones, and ones with unique powers. Some shoot with fireworks, and the other throw everyone away. “But this is not enough”- Epic Games thought, and added a new unique bow to Fortnite – the Grappler bow.

Where to find Grappler bow in Fortnite?

There was some information about this bow in the previous update, but today it’s officially in the game. Finding this bow isn’t hard because this bow is exotic, which means you can buy it. It can be bought from Lara Croft, in Stealthy Stronghold for 500 gold bars.


Where to find Grappler bow in Fortnite?

Map via: fortnite.gg



The Grappler bow has decent enough damage – 89 in the body, and 222 in the head – some bows in Fortnite that have regular arrows have lower damage. This bow works as a grappler, but can deal damage too. So, if you enjoy fast traveling, and know how to use arrows, you will definitely need to take this to your inventory.


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