Who is Gildedguy and when will he come to Fortnite

The 17.20 update for Fortnite is already available, and it brings several nice changes to the game, including some interesting customizable outfits. However, this time we will not talk about the customizable skins, and discuss the mysterious Gildedguy skin, which was also found in Fortnite 17.20.

Who is Gildedguy and when will he come to Fortnite

So, a rather unusual skin was found in Fortnite files, and it’s name is Gildedguy. The skin looks somewhat like a stickman wearing golden armor, who has never lost a fight.

The creator of this character is a YouTube animator, Gildedguy, who draws different stories about his golden armored character. In celebration of his new animation called Gildedguy Gets Up!, Fortnite will have a second session of ShortNite, showing different short movies in Party Royale.

The Gildedguy outfit, as well as the Slush Fighter Cape back bling and the Stellapen Smashpack pickaxe will enter the item shop of Fortnite on July 23, 00:00 UTC.


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