Wick’s Bounty

Wick’s Bounty  Wick’s Bounty  — a time-limited squad mode added to Fortnite along with the Wick’s Bounty challenges series on May 15, 2019.

Mode includes the race for Gold Tokens in the role of John Wick, which are mined from killed enemies. The first squad, which has reached 500 tokens, wins the game.

Features mode Wick’s Bounty

Here, players must fight to the last … to the last token!

  • Wick’s Bounty  Gold Tokens
    The game has tokens – the goal of any player on the map. Each player starts the game with a few gold coins that fall after death. If a unit gains 500 tokens, it is declared the winner.
  • Wick’s Bounty  Respawn
    For the entire gameplay, the player has only three revivals, for the use of which he finally “leaves the game”.
  • Wick’s Bounty  Weapons
    When you first appear in the “Wick’s Bounty” mode, the player receives a Combat Shotgun with 25 shells and a Tactical Assault Rifle with 75 rounds of Small Ammo.
  • Wick’s Bounty  Tracking
    The more tokens a player carries, the more noticeable he becomes when moving and displayed on the map. This is very similar to the radar from Call of Duty, which determined the players going out to shoot.

Tips to win

  • Wick’s Bounty  Play as a team
    To win in this mode, you need at least two familiar to you ally. So it is much easier to cooperate, divide between themselves the coins and fend off the annoying enemies.
  • Wick’s Bounty  Play late game
    Strange as it may sound, but in this case it would be logical and appropriate to sit out the storm. Leave the battlefield at a later stage and with your squad try to kill the leaders as cohesively as possible. So for 4-5 kills, saving all lives, you can win.
  • Wick’s Bounty  Do not forget the challenges
    And why did you think it all started? Play, not forgetting the trials, because the rewards for them are a fashionable umbrella and a no less stylish wrapper. Free!


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