Team Rumble: Lava

Team Rumble: Lava  Team Rumble: Lava – Fortnite Battle Royal LTM added to the game files after v9.30 update. This is a leaked mode, so the information presented here was published on plums. A child mode of the usual Team Rumble, only with its own characteristics.

Two large teams fight for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first team to get the target number of eliminations wins! Dangerous lava rises gradually from the lowest parts of the map. Quickly loot, gather materials, and then start building up to stay away from the lava!

This mode is definitely more dynamic than the original one, because it makes not only fight, but also hide from danger.

Features mode Team Rumble: Lava

  • Team Rumble: Lava  Renaissance
    In this mode, not only respawns are allowed, but welcome! You will be reborn after 5 seconds after dying in the air, your task will only be to choose a direction and start fighting again.
  • Team Rumble: Lava  Inventory saved
    What will you to do without weapons? So you have it remains the same after every “shaking”. It can also be changed by being alive.
  • Team Rumble: Lava  On the spot killed resources
    This is an excellent source of ammunition, because not all ammo boxes, and shoot 500 shots in this mode is easy!
  • Team Rumble: Lava  Lava spreads
    The main feature of this mode is lava. It begins its journey from the most distant parts of the map and gradually moves into the game zone of gamers.
  • Team Rumble: Lava  Other
      • You can build on top of lava, so survive in this mode is not very difficult.
      • Lava deals 20 damage when you are on it. 5 jumps and you are a corpse, be careful!
      • Speaking of jumping! The character bounces off the lava, so it’s very convenient to tune something under your feet or get rid of an annoying opponent.

Tips to win

    • Team Rumble: Lava  Collect resources
      As the lava moves and fills the map, you need resources to safely find it. Build enough, only with the mind – the resources will not multiply in your inverter.
    • Team Rumble: Lava  Use Impulse Grenade
      This type of weapon in this mode is more useful than ever. You can throw away enemies or help yourself to get on any structure.
    • Team Rumble: Lava  Play as a team
      Do not forget that the goal is not only survival, but also murder. Gather in teams to win was easier.


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