Destroy bushes and get 75000 XP in Fortnite

“Destroy bushes” is a rare challenge that appeared at the beginning of the season, but did not work for a long time. But with the onset of Update 15.20, it has started to work, and now everyone can destroy some bushes and get 75000 XP.

To complete this challenge, you need to fly to one of two locations – Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park, and look for bushes there.

Bushes can be either ordinary grass or a full-fledged shrub with flowers.

Each stage is rewarded with 15,000 XP, and there are 5 stages in total. At the first stage you need to destroy 10 pieces, at the second 50, at the third 100, at the fourth 250 and at the fifth as much as 500!


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