You can now play Fortnite Arena with random teammates

The news about Arena are almost always questioned by the professionals. All the changes that are made to the game are almost always cancelled for competitive game modes, and the balance of such changes is always questioned by the players. However, instead of being cancelled, one change was made specifically for Arena – you can now play competitive modes in Fortnite with random teammates.

This means that you can now battle for Hype points not only with your best teammate, but also with a random one. This option is pretty useful in regular game modes, but its necessity in Arena is questionable. Considering how hard it might be to gain Hype points, a lot of players just won’t risk and try to play with a random teammate. The only usage of this feature is probably the option to find yourself a permanent teammate. Just turn on the voice chat, start a match and find yourself a lifetime friend.

You don’t need to turn this option on anywhere in the Fortnite settings, it will automatically find you enough random teammates if you start a Duo or a Trio Arena match without a full team.

It’s nice to see that the feature that some Fortnite players were asking for a few seasons was finally added to the game, even though it’s already Chapter 2 Season 8.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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