A mechanic from Apex Legends is coming to Fortnite

The unique feel of Apex Legends and some other games is based on their unique (or not really) mechanics. And a short while ago, some shocking news were all over the Internet – one of Apex Legends’ mechanics will be stolen by Fortnite. And while you haven’t scrolled down, you have some time to try to guess which mechanic can move from one game to another.

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A mechanic from Apex Legends is coming to Fortnite

We’re talking about the sliding mechanic. According to data miners, the developers are working on a special movement type, which will allow you to crouch and slide on the ground. This mechanic will increase your field of view and will have a 2 seconds recharge time. It won’t block your shooting abilities, and the surface you’re sliding on and its angle will affect the sliding speed.

If you look at the comments below the original tweet, you’ll see a lot of people accusing Fortnite of plagiarizing Apex Legends and Warzone. They were the first ones to add sliding to a game, right…?

Not really. If you’ve played some other games besides Apex Legends, you might know that the sliding mechanics are also presented in some other games (some of them even aren’t Battle Royales!). So, the entire argument isn’t really justified – even if Fortnite stole the mechanic, Apex and Warzone weren’t the ones who invented it in the first place.

A mechanic from Apex Legends is coming to Fortnite

It’s interesting to watch which mechanics are being added to Fortnite, especially if the mechanic is almost an iconic one. I guess we’ll see how the increased mobility will affect the game pretty soon.


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