Bye Polar Peak – Map Changes in Update v9.20

As expected, the update v9.20 is designed not only to disturb the number of skins, but also to slightly change the map. Polar Peak is partially destroyed, and the traces so visible on the map undoubtedly lead us to the northeast.

Updated map:

Map Changes in Update v9.20 800x800 - Bye Polar Peak - Map Changes in Update v9.20

Among other things, it seems, we are in for the culmination of a story with an unknown creature that was previously hidden in the Polar Peak. This creature was only partially shown to us. His eye, so closely watching the player and the traces of breathing – that’s what we watched.

Giant Monster Eye Appears in Fortnite 3 800x450 - Bye Polar Peak - Map Changes in Update v9.20

Now that we have a map change, it’s very like the monster has broken out and is approaching the Snobby Shores. And Polar Peak is down, there are only a few buildings left on it that do not inspire the former greatness.

The pieces of the iceberg, which broke off from Peak, flew to the Greasy and it is still unknown whether they touched her or not.


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