Giant Monster Eye Appears in Fortnite

We recently prepared the top 5 Fortnite events, but judging by the latest news, we will have to change or expand it. An eye appeared in the cliff of Polar Peak, which monitors what is happening around and sometimes glances at the player. It is very likely that a dinosaur is chained in the glacier, but perhaps this is another creature that will soon burst out. True, we have challenges in the polar peak, so the location is unlikely to completely disappear, or rather can be recycled.

By the way, the tops of the trees have already begun to melt. Many players have noted that the tops of the trees have already melted. It would be very interesting if, after futurism, we smoothly moved into ancient times. As the saying goes, everything in the world is moving in a circle, and perhaps the Fortnite is no exception.

It is also worth mentioning that in cryptography there is an image that very much resembles the eye in the rock, apparently Jonesi lost his mind and predicted the future while he was in the bunker.

Giant Monster Eye Appears in Fortnite

We will keep you updated on all changes, stay tuned!


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